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Safety signs

The provision of safety is an obligation on the part of companies and we are able to study and certify through the collaboration of a professional in the matter from every point of view.
The posters can be customized in terms of shape, size and material always in accordance with regulations.
The evacuation plans are drawn so as to be understandable to subjects less experienced through the use of simple and direct graphical tools.


Dynamic signage

Dynamic signage means a wall of variable message on video display system and/or applied to the totem with the possibility of controlled from a computer workstation or placed inside or outside of the structure with web command.
The size of the videos vary by use going from 4.5 to 10 inches for the signal out door up to 46 inches for a number of indications of path.


Static signage

We have worked for over fifteen years of static visual communication systems; our mission is to create customized signaling systems according to specific customer requirements by using materials that best fit the site with the result to get the maximum personalization.
The modus operandi consists of several phases ranging from initial site survey, system design to complete with sampling, formation of financial offer, supply and installation of up to completion of the work.
The sign systems normally used hano an aluminum base plan or convex or transparent or colored methacrylate; texts and logos are printed through different ways such as screen printing, digital printing direct or adhesive film, the film cut and shaped plotter.
The colors required are part of necklaces such as RAL, NCS or Pantone and finishes ranging from glossy to opaque depending on the specific customer choices.

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 webdesign by beesign / wien
TIGUIDA di Paolo Cozzani | Via Genova 199 | La Spezia (IT) | PI 01079020119 | info(at)tiguida(dot)com | +39 0187 300041